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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

en 856 r13 jack hammer hose 3/4"20bar

Electric contacting arrangement e.g. for cable harness

F16B33/00; B60R13/10; B60R19/50; F16B23/bar spanner or a driver is formed on a screw hammer until it is flush with the surface of

wi hammer 2007 - Aufsatzteil

200669- Verbindungselement (3) frei verschiebbar gef? Hammer, Walter, Ing. (Sollenau, AT) Brandst(4) mit zumindest einem Haltemittel (5) zur

Low-odor single element equipment grip

weight bars and fishing poles, as well as tools such as hammers, drills B29C63/42; H01R4/72; H01R13/52; H02G15/18; H01R9/05; (IPC1-7

Electrical connector with bail latch

Achammer, Daniel G. (Warrenville, IL) FunckH01R13/627; H01R13/639; (IPC1-7): H01R13/ 3. The electrical connector of claim 1 wherein

Connector socket

H01R12/16; H01R12/20; H01R31/02; H01R13/ d3 and top surface shield piece d4, which a first hammer receiving section on the shared


2010619- KAHLHAMMER HANNES (DE) Application Number: DE Filing Date: 11/20/1990 Export Citation: 52 (IPC1-7): H01R23/68 H01R13/436 H01R13/

IDH1/2 mutations in WHO grade II astrocytomas associated with

Stockhammer F, Misch M, Helms HJ, Lengler U, Prall F, von Deimling immunohistochemistry with an antibody which detects mutated protein IDH1 R132H

The prognostic impact of IDH1 R132H mutation in malignant

Median survival in glioblastoma with IDH1 R132H mutation tended to be Alonso BarrentesFelix BehlingVeit RohdeChristian HartmannFlorian Stockhammer

Adressing of an electrical module by a locking mechanism

Hammer, Jörg (Burgstrasse 40, 6331 Hünenberg05B19/042; G05B19/418; G08B17/00; H01R13/ 4. Electrical device (6) according to Claim 3

Predictive marker for EGFR inhibitor treatment

Klughammer, Barbara (Rheinfelden, DE) Lutz, 6 Issue 2 Article R13. Roman-Roman, Set al.(iii) determining that the level of PTPRF RNA

Fahrzeugkarosserie mit wenigstens einem an der Auenseite an

20121020- an der Außenseite angeordneten Verkleidung Hammer, Maik (Eching, 84174, DE) Knoche, International Classes: B60R13/00 B60K15/05

Plug in clip for fixing of panel element in motor vehicles e

2005214-The plug in clip has a retaining foot (1), a deflector (2) and a heading section (3). The heading section has a contact area reduced in the

Electrical device having a base and an electrical module

Hammer, Jörg (Hünenberg, CH) Hindermann, International Classes: H01R13/64 Field of Search: FIGS. 3 and 4 show schematic and simplified

Electrical plug connector

portion embodied in the shape of a hammerhead. H01R11/11; H01R13/04; H01R13/05; (IPC1-7(20) and a right-angled step between the flat

Anbauteil, insbesondere f?r Innenr?ume von Kraftfahrzeugen

Hammer, Franz (82110, Germering, DE) BogackiInternational Classes: B60R13/02 Foreign References mit aufwendigen Methoden eindeutig herleitbar

Vacuum cleaner hose assembly and apparatus and method used in

hose with each conductor having its opposite ends H01R13/52; F24F7/00; (IPC1-7): F16L11/with a hammer member and against a backup member

Electrical switch having an electrical connection element

Broghammer, Peter (Wurmlingen, DE) Wahl, H01R13/66; H01R33/945; H05K3/30; H01H9/connection element 9 has four pins 11 in total


Hundhammer, Anton (Rosenweg 13, 83139 Söch F21V15/04; F21V19/00; H01R13/10; H01R13/(3, 4) into an opening position, in which

armC,C,,, - thammer -

eltnlavaleeAiiidyyecssr-- RR n° 6748 4 O.Aurenhammer, O. Devillers, T. Hackl, M. Teil 0) ∈ R13 p† = (x2p, yp2, zp2, xp

Connector cable to link PC to sewing machine - has logic

Inventors: HAMMERMANN JOACHIM (DE) Application (IPC1-7): G06F13/00 H01R13/66 H03K19/0175Die Maßnahmen nach den Ansprüchen 3 und 4

Cable connection between a PC and a sewing machine

Inventors: Hammermann, Joachim (Stutensee, DE) G06F3/00; G05B19/042; G06F13/40; H01R13/integrated within the jack 4 of the cable


RMA4, RMA5, each as described herein, or a R13 is selected from H or alkyl, further fromdisclosed in USP 6,545,088 (Kolthammer et al

Sunscreen compositions

moisture content soap bars 1997-05-20 Kinsman R12 and R13 are the same or different and apparatus is a jet, ball, vibration or hammer

Sulfurization of phosphorus-containing compounds

Hammer, Robert P. (Baton Rouge, LA) Musier3,5-dione (DtsNH) and 3-ethoxy-1,2,4-di In Scheme 1, for a peptide, R13 Ser, Thr,

Grounding jack

H01R4/64; H01R24/58; H05F3/02; H01R13/74 said grounding jack including a ground conductinga device such as a hammer or screwdriver handle

Locking pins

International Classes: H01R13/44 View Patent a misdirected or glancing blow of the hammer.bar by a single operator as the bayonet type

Anbauteil, insbesondere für Innenrume von Kraftfahrzeugen

HAMMER FRANZ (DE) HUBER-HESELBERGER JOSEF (C09D127/18 C09D175/04 (IPC1-7): B60R13/von 20 bis 80 Gewichtsprozenten variieren

Hybrid high speed voltage regulator with reduction of miller

(San Diego, CA) Hammer, Eugene L. (Fullerton, 4. The voltage regulator of claim 3 wherein R13 to the input of the pulse width modulator

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