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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

10x16w p 250psi flexible hose for sulphuric acid

Electropolishing of stainless steel

psi determined at 85° C., said electropolishingsulphuric acids, about 10 to about 20% by 250 amps/rack of 6 spoons Bath temperature 85°

Process for the preparation of thiazolidine-2,4-dione

2005220-(10) with alkylhaloacetate of the formula (11)preferably from atmospheric pressure to 400 psi of(4) or sulphuric acid is added till pH

Superabsorbent polymers, preparation thereof and use thereof

20081023-2 at 0.3 psi and 50 g/cm2 at 0.7 psi.10% by weight of water-soluble additives and mineral acids, for example, sulphuric acid, and


−2H− 1 flux with 2200 ppm sodium chloride solution at 250 psi i.acid or sulphuric acid for a period ranging between 10-60 min at room

Catalytic hydrogenation of nitrile rubber

2009219-(CO)ZL2 wherein X is selected from a halogen sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid at a 250 psi) to about 100 kg/cm2 (1420 psi),

Process for the synthesis of fluorinated sulphonic acids

2002519-acid compound by hydrolysis of a corresponding sulphuric acid to anhydrous fluorinated sulphonic (0.75 psi) leaving 12.4 g of a viscou

Device Combing Solar Energy Drying with Sulphuric Floating

and pressure (up to 100 psi) to give the ester of formula (4). US acid (eg sulphuric acid, acetic acid) to give a US 7,767,715 B2 10


000 psi under conditions wherein the anode 10 is the caustic space, 11 is the graphite rather than a mixture of sulphuric acid and

Body spritzer formulation and application process

shark liver oil containing 70 percent of squalene, with sulphuric acid.carotenal, psi, psi-carotene, psi, psi-carotene-16,16′-diol and psi,

Thermoplastic polyimides

bar (equivalent to 6820 psi on the lay up). sulphuric acid, an inherent viscosity of 0.43 6 g of diphenylsulphone and 10 mls of toluene

Manganese dioxide cathode

sulphuric acid is added to activate the cell preferably the mixture containing between 10 and (7000 psi) or above, and then after removal

Heteroaryl-phenyl derivatives as factor xa inhibitors for use

2011520-(R3)-X2-Q wherein: A is 5- or 6-(70mL) with concentrated sulphuric acid (0.5mL)3psi on silica (Merck ART 9385) eluting with

Preparation of bile acids and intermediates thereof

where P is a hydroxyl protecting group and R H2SO4 Sulphuric acid DMAP 4-Dimethylaminopyridinehydrogenated in a Parr apparatus (60 psi) for

Aromatic oligomers and resins

has a value between 0.5 and 10, with the trifluoroacetic acid or preferably sulphuric acid.000 psi for 30 minutes to give resins in the

Derivatives of L-amino acyl L-carnitine, process for their

sulphuric and orotic acid which comprises the 10% Pd/C and PtO2 in an alcoholic, aqueous-(40 psi; 2.8 kg/cm2) at room temperature for

Phenol formaldehyde foams

polyhydroxy compound to acid catalyst of at leastsulphuric acid or organic sulphonic acid, togetherpsi - ASTM D-1621Parallel to rise18 24 17 19

Saccharification of banana peels for ethanol production

using 1% (v/v) concentration of Formic acid, HCl, Ammonia, NaOH, and Sulphuric acid at 121C and 15 psi for initially 15 minutes was conducted

In situ electrochemical STM study of platinum nanodot arrays

201274- Paul Scherrer Institut, 5232 Villigen PSI, em>10.1016/j.susc.2012.07.(pitch 70 nm) in 0.5 M sulphuric acid after

4-substituted 1,2,4-triazole derivatives

acid such as hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, ##STR10## wherein RP represents an amino-(40 ml) was hydrogenated at 50 psi, over Pd-

Ethyl Propenyl Ketone as a psi-Diene in the Diels-Alder

_ CH. 0 II I III IV V VI The free dicarboxylic acid (VII) p. 183°. Acta Chem. Scand. 10 (1956) No. 2 270 ENDRE BERNER

Method and apparatus for leaching metal from mining ore

and the leach pipe comprising a flexible (KCN), or sulphuric acid (H2SO4), applied to at least 10 psi, from 15 to 80 psi, or


hydrochloric and sulphuric acid; and/or (b) the salt is prepared by at 50 psi pressure for 6.5 hours using 0.13 g of 10% Pd/C


sulfate effected without a sulfuric acid addition.pressure in the range from 10 psi to 20 psi. consuming oxygen and sulphuric acid according to:

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