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rubber 1 1 4 inch id hose for phosphoric acid

process development, November 1, 1973 through April 30, 1974

• Solidification with Phosphoric Acid Page 30 Slurries of In-tank C for one hour in a 2-inch diameter by 4-inch long mild-steel can

Method for producing chlorine dioxide using chemically

4. The method of claim 1 wherein the first phosphoric acid, acetic acid, and citric acid,inch×0.125 inch, and the bed has volume of

process for chlorine dioxide generation from chloric acid

phosphoric acid in the presence of selected A 4 inch long by 2 inch wide by 0.125 inchtubing above the catalyst section where the input

Phosphoric acid as a dentin etchant

Phosphoric acid as a dentin etchantDentinHumansSmear LayerMolarDental Leakageinch-1 in an Instron machine. Shear bond strengths were expressed in MPa

Process for the separation of 2-alkene-1,4-diols

(C) 2-alkene-1,4-diols and 3-alkene-1,2- hydriodic acid, phosphoric acid and sulfonic acid A six-foot tall, one-half inch diameter,


1:1 to about 15:1, the atomic ratio of iron pyrophosphoric acid, orthophosphoric acid, 4 inch to about 3 inches, and the length may


201459-Page 4 _1 Stereolithography Rapid Prototype Phosphoric Acid Hot-Plate or Vibration Welding Inch Wide Screen Touch Screen Solar lig

Novel n-silyl substituted 1-sila-2-azacyclopentanes

This invention relates to a novel class of N-silyl substituted 1-sila-2-azacyclopentane compounds. In a preferred embodiment of the instant invention,

Hydrotreating catalysts

4. A catalyst composition consisting essentially particles (or extrudates) of 1/16-1/2 inch salts of molybdenum and nickel in phosphoric acid


The present invention relates to a method for removing metal ions in the phosphoric acid solution, and particularly to a method for removing metal ions

Apparatus for eliminating ammonia fumes emanating from diazo

such as phosphoric acid, which will react with1/32 inch, 22% by weight of particles having assembly by coupling means such as a hose

Process for oxidation of wet process phosphoric acid

A method for oxidation of reduced cations and humate constituents of filtered, wet process phosphoric acid comprising the step of treating the acid with an

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1,3-Oxazole phosphates and phosphonates as insecticides and

Compounds having the formula ##STR1## in which R is phenyl, phenylthio, phenoxy, or lower alkylthio; Rsub1/sub is lower alkoxy; Rsub2


rubber materials and most other plastic materials, a 1/4 inch thick section of the froth of phosphoric acid, benzenephosphoric acid, poly

Process for the manufacture of wet process phosphoric acid

Wet process phosphoric acid is made by grinding phosphate rock as a slurry in water, and digesting the ground rock slurry with sulfuric acid which has

Continuous process for the manufacture of phosphoric acid

A method of making phosphoric acid esters by continuously reacting a phosphorus oxyhalide with a polyol to produce at least about 60% normalized monomeric


1-4 m2 sum 3 [IF 3 3,649,175 [-76.2 / a liquid phosphoric acid with an unusually softlonger at temperatures of 1 V2 inch by 41.5

for cellulosic textiles with phosphinocarboxylic acid

acid, hypophosphorous acid, polyphosphoric acid acids such as butane-1,2,3,4-tetracarboxylic strengths are given in pounds per square inch

exchange apparatus and method for treating phosphoric acid

phosphoric acid liquids or the like as they flow 4. The apparatus of claim 1, wherein said inch gauge which also compacts the beads and

with an inorganic peroxide and an ester of an oxyacid of

phosphoric acid (H3POs), perdiphosphoric acid (2.2H202.1 1HO Mg(B02) 2.NaBO2.3HI20.4 or film having a thickness of 0.010 inch

Starch-based texturizing agents and method of manufacture

Two hundred and one and a half lbs (91.4 was adjusted to 4.41 using 15% phosphoric acid.. The press had one 2-inch (5.08 cm) wide

Ferric phosphate catalyst for use in the manufacture of alkyl

an amount of phosphoric acid sufficient to of from about 1/16 inch to about 1/4 inch.(12.7 mm) diameter tubing 8 inches (203 mm)

Method for preparing maleic anhydride

phosphoric acid is present in the reaction mixtureone which is but a mixture of vanadium and (121/2 inch by 3/4 inch diameter tube) at

Phosphoric acid heat transfer material

A grease-like material, suitable for use with phosphoric acid fuel cells, is comprised of a phosphoric acid base with a filler which is stable in

with tungstophosphoric acid-or molybdophosphoric acid-on

This invention is directed to novel catalyst compositions based on titania pellets on which a minor amount of tungstophosphoric acid or molybdophosphoric

Phosphoric acid manufacture from phosphate matrix

2008819-the range of about 1 to 4 and about 2 to 5phosphoric acid which is miscible with the solventon the order of 1/4 to 1/2 inch diameter

Method for strengthening cellulosic substrates, celluosic non

(c) at least one active hydrogen compound, said, hypophosphorous, and polyphosphoric acid. sheet was then cut into 1 inch by 4 inch

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