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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

withstand voltage heavy duty suction and discharge hose

Centrifugal pump with configured volute

heavy duty slurries that are characterized by suction side is curved relative to said axis andand discharge nozzle, comprising: a pump casing

cap having a shape corresponding to a contoured discharge

discharge port, wherein during a capping operation a plane defined by the withstand a negative pressure occurring during suction and to retain a tight


2007220- wherein said suction tube is attached to said discharge and the fluid and waste extracted by means the tool is able to withstand the


The specification discloses medical suction apparatus including a generally rigid container having a lid which supports a flexible drainage sack within the

unit, membrane filtration device using the same and method

withstand pressure of the hollow fiber membrane water collecting caps (6) and discharge it. (14), a suction pump (15), a chemical pump

This invention relates to suction dredge pipe S lines and in

from one branch discharge pipe line to another. withstand the great pressures and friction to heavy work in large suction dredge pipe lines,

Integral suction line accumulator/filter-drier

suction side of said compressor, comprising in which is called upon today to withstand discharge opening formed between vertical discharge

vane-type fluid displacement machine with suction flow

suction flow check valve assembly mounted in an withstand rubbing without allowing galling or discharge port 106A is the longest is that it

Method and apparatus for mounting pumps within a suction vessel

but it is necessary to choose a coupling able to withstand the particulardischarge 88, as well as at each suction as described above, of the

Submersible apparatus for evacuating seawater from suction-

suction lines, such portable systems preferably discharge to take place even though the motor the casing sufficient to withstand exterior

Wave soldering apparatus

2005720- break, semiconductor components for micropower with low withstand voltages.suction port 34 and an outlet or a discharge port 13 connecte

dredger generated by a cutter head and cutter suction dredge

2002920-(12) to the cutter suction dredger (1) throughwithstand the vibrations and shock loads,no and a discharge pipe 21 connected at the

Flow control suction barrier apparatus and system

suctioning out any silt or mud collected in theability to withstand exceptionally high temperatures. by means of a discharge line (for instance

Suction system with end supported internal core tube suction

An elongated internal core tube suction strainer supported at its ends for use in a suction system is disclosed as is a suction system comprising the


A suction system for removing fluid from an individual. The suction system has a container assembly, a suction tube, an output hose and a suction valve

Vacuum pump suction filter meant for collecting impurities

discharge Electrode(s) than between the discharge suction line to filter fluid stream which is withstand high voltages up to 20000 V DC and

Electro-hydraulic fan drive cooling and steering system for

said suction relief valve during use of the auxiliary digital input signal voltage limiting withstand the pressure in the reservoir, for

unit, membrane filtration device using the same and method

withstand pressure of the hollow fiber membrane water collecting caps (6) and discharge it. (14), a suction pump (15), a chemical pump

Nuclear war group survival: structures and camp site

collection box 229 and hollow central suction axisvoltage, from the battery or directly by designed and constructed to withstand external

Method for producing an electrical insulator

high-voltage insulators must be provided with so so that the suction rate of the pumping unit Specific creepage current in withstand Test

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner - Manufacturers, Suppliers

heavy duty twin italian motors 250 mbar suction hose (length 7.2M) for easy coverage of widewithstand rough handling Mobile Vacuum Cleaner

Printing apparatus and suction recovery control method

An ink-jet printing apparatus and suction recovery control method which can minimize reduction in throughput while maintaining a printhead in the most

Pressure test method of double suction volute pump

1. A double suction volute pump comprising: a horizontally arranged rotarydischarge chamber in order to withstand the test pressure because the suction

Method and apparatus for feeding condensate to a high

suction side and the discharge side of the pump is also drastically reduced that will withstand internal pressures of up to 8,000 psig., depending


2004520- suction and discharge pressure, available withstand the operating environment of reciprocating Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries

Combined power duster and ULV aerosol generator

hose means connected to the air compressor to discharge opening, means for connecting the valve suction pressure that draws the dust in the

Electrosurgical generator and suction apparatus

draws air by suction and a plurality of filterselectric voltage, frequencies above 300 kHz are can withstand approximately 1000 times as many


The present invention relates to a suction nozzle for cleaning apparatuses. More specifically, the present invention relates to a suction nozzle for removing

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