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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

ozone resistant oil suction hose


(3), the ozone gas generated by the ozone generator (6) is provided to be sucked through the connection hose (7) with the vacuum effect created by

Process to obtain (implement and maintain) water bodies

oils removal arranged in the structure of step ((d) the added oxidant agents can be ozone, (34) with the suction hose (36), and a

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Continuous flow cleaning system with ozone injection

3262146 Steam-vacuum generator for rug and an apparatus for introducing ozone to the liquidhose 26 and liquid supply conduit or tubing 28

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Non ozone depleting and low global warming potential

Non ozone depleting and non flammable refrigerant compositions with GWPs less than 2,000 ITH which replace R404A, R507, HCFC22 and CFC502 in refrigeration


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Water Treatment System

20121020-the suction or discharge side of a water pump.resistant to UV wavelengths, reducing transmission of the ozone and chlorine dioxide inj


has good resilience and is resistant to heat, oil, oxygen and ozone. (FAUR); Quincy; Reavell; Sepco; Siad; Suction Gas Engine Company; Sulzer

Ozone retention method and system

ozone into the portion to provide an ozonated resistant life form or unexpected chemical can be taken off to provide a suction/


(17) and the external air suction unit (22) ozone gas and the conversion of resistant pathogen rubber oil processing facilities, paper factories,

Combined ozone generator and light source

A combination ozone generator for providing ozone and illumination source is disclosed. The ozone generator is of the ultraviolet plasma tube type, with a

Venturi injector with self-adjusting port

resistant to lower levels of ozone, but which shape to facilitate connection to flexible hoses.suction ports, thus limiting the volume of

Ozone machine

suction which draws air through the ozone generators, and to mix ozonized such as oil, and is provided with a leak port to retard the movement

a) cuvette; b) air suction pump; c) ozone scrubber; |

Fig. 1 Sampling apparatus: a) cuvette; b) air suction pump; c) ozone scrubber; d) Sep-Pak 1 -DNPH cartridge; e) thermo-par; f) thermo

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Suction port assembly of vacuum cleaner

4485519 Ozone cleaning system 1984-12-04 Collier 15/385 RE28022 N/A hose coupled to the suction port body; wherein the first suction path and

Method and an apparatus for the disposal of material

(1) able to be charged with ozone and exposedsuction duct extending from it, which leads to hose duct provided with a length take-up loop

Apparatus and method for generating ozone

2012719-ozone is formed, starting along the central suction effect which draws the ozone/gas into tubing made from a corrosion resistant mate

Hydraulic pressure control device for continuosly variable

20041112- Ozone, TatsuyaJATCO Ltd. (Intellectual Property the rotational speed and the suction negative oil supplied to the forward clutch 41

Water purification system

and supplying ozone to the water in some of under the natural suction created by the venturi.oil and particulates, then dried and compressed

Rubber hoses for hydrocarbon

Bitumen and tar suction and delivery hose 180°c 10 bar, bitumen and tar delivery hose for tar spreading machines 180°c 10 bar, cotton braid fuel

SNS --

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Corona discharge plate electrode ozone generator

The invention relates to a plate type ozone generator having flat plate electrodes separated by ceramic dielectric plates. The generator comprises a plurality

Fire-fighting Hoses - Rubber And Plastics Suction Hoses

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OC-905 - Portable Ozone O3 gas detector with pump-suction

Oceanus - OC-905 - Portable Ozone O3 gas detector with pump-suction sampling by Henan Oceanus Import Export Co., Ltd. FeatureUsed the original

high concentrations of dissolved oxygen and ozone for

“Developement of Technologies and Capabilities for Developing Coal, Oil and ozone generation system to deliver concentrated oxygen from the vacuum pressur


2007513-Abstract: A suction air filtering and sterilizing method and system is disclosed, whichmainly includes the following steps: Firstly, after a

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