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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

90ft x 5000 psi acid alkali resistant chemical hose

Hydrodehalogenation process using a catalyst containing nickel

A gas stream containing at least about 90% (vol.) hydrogen and at least one halogen-containing compound is contacted with a nickel hydrogenation catalyst

Cement compositions for cementing wells, allowing pressure

wherein the stabilizer is an alkali metal salt or cement resistant to sulfates, and other Thickening Time - Free 10200 psi - 185° F

Low emissions one part adhesive

a fugitive alkali agent component; a fugitive psi, of adhesives in accordance with a preferreda temperature of preferably not more than 90°

Irradiation treatment of polymeric photographic film supports

alkali metals or with organic bases or potentially acid-yielding groups suchusing a heated platen at about 70 psi (4.9 kg/m2) and a temperature of

Article comprising poly(hydroxyalkanoic acid)

(hydroxyalkanoic acid) and an impact modifier 000 psi allows thin film not to elongate highlyalkali metal, transition metal, or alkaline earth

Outsulation PE System - DS844

resistant core or Type X core at the time of Minimum 131 kPa (19 psi) (Backstop NT) cycles Passed - No deleterious effects after 90


Elongation3 Izod Impact4 104psi 10 psi % ft. 90 10.8 13.0 2 bisphenol A bis acrylate3 16 for acid, alkali2, wear3 and impact4

Solvent resistant nanofiltration membranes

resistant Nanofiltration hydrophilic membrane having astructure X(CH2)mA or alkali metals salts pressure of 50psi and a stirring rate of 150

Apparatus and method for maintaining compression of the

(e.g., an anode) 14 where a chemical The alkali metal salt, alkali earth metal salt,psi, 500 psi, 1000 psi, 5000 psi, and, more

Poly(aryl ether sulfone)-poly(aryl ether ketone) block

alkaline earth metal salt of an organic acid, was heated at reflux for 90 minutes with (× 1000 psi)Tensile Strength11,40011,60011,

High strength, water resistant silicate foam

An alkali metal silicate foam composition comprising preferably sodium silicate, cementing agent such as sodium silicofluoride, gelling agent such as linoleic

High strength pozzolan foam materials and methods of making

chemical composition of the pozzolan and alkali.makes them very resistant to acids and alkalis. 11.64 MPa or about 530 psi to about 1,700

Fabric reinforcement and cementitious boards faced with same

The representative chemical compositions of these psi in the machine direction and about 5 psi When alkali-resistant coatings are used, the more


a boiler operating In the range of 301-450psi.acid and one equivalent of alkali for the DESCRIPTION COVER: glass 10ft x 8ft QTY 17475

Golf Ball having High Surface Friction

These characteristics makes the coatings resistant to water and chemical acid Y having 3 to 8 carbon atoms, or terpolymers E/X/Y having an

alkali rubber hose - Buy Quality alkali rubber hose on m

alkali rubber hose, Find Quality alkali rubber hose and Buy alkali rubber hose from Reliable Global alkali rubber hose

Rubber indurstry hose - jiuxing (China Manufacturer) - Piping

Rubber indurstry hose - jiuxing Products Made In China, China Manufacturer. Specifications 1.oil-resistant 2.acid-alka

dipl. manfred chem psiorz

Psiorz, Dr. Dipl. Manfred Chem (Riedlinger acid, and if necessary any protecting group used5-tetrahydro-2H-3-benzazepin-2-on wird 90

Solvent resistant polyetherpolyurethane products

the invention includes hydrocarbon resistant seals, and alkali metal alcoholates, such as sodium more preferably at least about 300 psi,

Hydrolyzates of soybeans or other soy products as components

This invention relates to an economically effective chemical process for converting processed soy into phenol-formaldehyde-like, water resistant thermosetting


2010120-(90-550 ppm) when expressed in terms of Fe2Ox 106 psi), and a chemical durability as [alkaline earth silicate]-[alkaline earth

Halogen scavenger for olefin formulations

with an alkali metal bicarbonate, solid alumina (37 microns) and not less than 90% through 10Corporation, Everett Mass., operated at 5000 psi

Elastomeric polyarylate graft copolymers

and a chemical bond; X is 0 to 1; and/or of reducing alkaline substances, such as sodium Preferably, between about 50 and 200 psi of

Viscous hydrocarbon-in-water emulsions

at a pressure of at least 20 psi so as to 90% so as to produce a degassed hydrocarbon-inalkali selected from the group consisting of

Insect resistant polyurethane foam

cell content of greater than or equal to 90%. strength greater than or equal to 15 psi. The metal salt catalysts are typically alkali

Chemical-mechanical polishing slurry for polishing metal films

Chemical Company) and their alkali free derivativesThe preferred acid concentration is from The polishing pressure was varied from 0.1 psi

Glass coated polycarbonate articles

acid ester monomers and a protective top layer wherein the nitrogen pressure is 25 psi nitrogenElectric Company Wear and chemical resistantUS

Zeolite modified water-blown polyurethane foams

the range of 85 to 120, preferably 90 to 110acids with a variety of metals such as alkali IFD, 25% psi 34.0 37.3 31.0 36.050% 60

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