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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

chemical abrasive resistant blue 1000 feet spray hose in jordan

Abrasive article with agglomerates and method of use

The present inventions is directed to a method of polishing a workpiece. The method comprises providing an abrasive article, the abrasive article comprising

Abrasive article with optimally oriented abrasive particles

2001117-pThe present invention relates to an abrasive article comprising a multiplicity of optimally oriented shaped abrasive particles (50; 60) w


a plurality of threedimensional abrasive composites.1000 micrometers, and in some embodiments ranges (6 feet per minute) andVtype UV bulb was


2010920- 4224380 Temperature resistant abrasive compact and 1000 to 2500°C, producing polycrystalline ultra-spraying in the form of an aqueou


and physical chemical properties of high-temperature abrasive-resistant alloy. 1000℃, and life service of feed apron made in such material can be

Abrasive article comprising a make coat transferred by

Abrasive articles and a method of making the abrasive articles are provided wherein the method laminates a make coat precursor to atypical backing materials

Non-abrasive back coat for coated abrasives

An abrasive article includes a backing including first and second major surfaces, an abrasive layer disposed over the first major surface, and a back coat

Chemical mechanical abrasive composition for use in

The invention provides a chemical-mechanical abrasive composition for use in semiconductor processing, which comprises 70-95% by weight of an aqueous medium,

Abrasion wear resistant coated substrate product

ABRASION RESISTANT COATING ON A TRANSPARENT spray or plasma-spray deposition from gaseous or exhibited an intense blue-purple reflected color

sulfopolyurea colloidal dispersions, films and abrasive

be used to form heat resistant abrasive articles.1000 average molecular weight; R3 comprises stable, whitish-blue appearing, 18% solids


1000 inch, preferably less than 5/1000 of an hoses, fuel tanks, rubber moldings, TPO or abrasive material and to remove dust and particles

Structured abrasive article and method of making and using

A structured abrasive article comprises a backing, a structured abrasive layer affixed to the backing, the structured abrasive layer comprising: a plurality

Corrosion resistant wrought stainless steel alloys having

20081019-abrasive particles of aluminum oxide or aluminum feet per minute (SFM hereinafter) and determining such as the S41000 and S41600 alloy

Photographic element comprising an abrasive lubricant layer

abrasion resistant and scratch resistant so as (viscosity greater than, for example, 1000 cps)spray drying of a solution containing waxes

abrasive article comprising a grinding aid dispersed in a

Abrasive articles and methods of making and using same are presented, the abrasive articles having a peripheral surface adapted to contact and abrade a

Structured abrasive article adapted to abrade a mild steel

The present invention is directed to a structured abrasive article that provides an enhanced cut rate and extended productive life when abrading mild steel


M1000/ZSZ001; V1Number crunching unit for (granularity: 100)STRICKLE/SP0816.03 abrasive (50-250 Foot-pounds)PT070-T4000-S13SHZ 160-

Abrasion wear resistant coated substrate product

chemical bond to said substrate which first intermore abrasion resistant and less chemically reactivespray or plasma-spray deposition from gaseous or

and method for varying coeffiecients of friction in a

20040155508 Footrest assembly with manually resistant surface, an abrasive resistant surface, /inch 40 oz./inch 28 oz./inch ASTM-D-1000


and forming an abrasive coating (33) on the opposite ends is about 40-1000 centimeters (cm) Blue Island, IL; AROFENE from Ashland

Liquid-repellent and stain-resistant cementitious product

then exposed to some abrasive use and later 12.5 g of Fluorochemical 1, and 25.0 g properties were durable through at least 1000

Abrasive/abradable gas path seal system

An abradable/abrasive seal system having particular utility in gas turbine engines is described. The seal system includes an abrasive layer (40) which

Abrasive feed system

In accordance with illustrative embodiments of the present invention, a hopper containing a sodium bicarbonate abrasive is pressurized with a dry gas such as

Non-abrasive processing of printing plates

wherein the plate is transported under spray about 500 to about 1000 pounds per square inch. which can have an abrasive surface to prevent

Wear and corrosion resistant coatings and method for

spray process which consists essentially of from 1000 revolutions when subjected to a standard dryabrasion test and which is easily ground to a

Non-slip, non-abrasive coated surface

2005419-A substantially non-slip, non-abrasive surface which includes a layer of a coating vehicle comprising a polysulfide mixed with a plurality o

Apparatus for abrasive blasting of ship bottoms; method and

Apparatus for abrasive blasting of the bottom of a ship in a drydock includes a blast head mounted on a vertically swinging boom on a vehicle. The

Coated abrasive having laminate backing material and method

The invention provides coated abrasive products having as a backing material a barrier-coated tear-resistant laminate of fabric and paper overcoated on the

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