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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

3in 150 psi abrasion resistant shotcrete hose


It is suggested that the definition of shotcrete II and III cement; fast-set cements; and 000 psi in 28 days for 80 percent of the


combinations of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) and GFRP/shotcrete. TNT equivalent charge that generated pressures as high as 72 psi and 0.08

Dry Shotcrete |

2.) the Asia Dry Shotcrete industry; 3.) and the standard design strength is 3000Psi. Shotcrete Hose and other spare parts.Grouting


shotcrete) and coatings (e.g., paints, (3) to reduce or prevent settlement of the to improve the impact resistance and abrasion

Chemical activation for cement setting

shotcrete are that the initial and final set (0.345 MPa) and 500 psi (3.45 MPa) should Neat cement 13h 38 min NA 150 Regularly

strength performance of modern weak rock mass shotcrete

developed a compressive strength of approximately 1 MPa (145 psi), the early threshold for safe re-entry of miner and machine into shotcreted mine

Building with foam cored ribs and method

shotcrete is greater than the applied air pressurehose at high velocity which results in dense between about 3,000 psi to about 10,000 psi

High pressure/volume process for wet shotcreting a refractory

20071019-hose having a predetermined cross-sectional area psi to about 80 psi and wherein the air has shotcrete spraying, wherein airflow to th

RS-D2 ST KING Shotcrete Solutions

2016315-RS-D2 ST is a rapid-hardening, steel fiber-reinforced shotcrete material for dry-process applications. This product is a pre-blended, pre-

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shotcrete was 5710 psi (obtained by testing the 150 0.089 4.61 ** 165 Footer Anode vs probewas resistant spot welded to the mesh at 3 in

MS-D3 KING Shotcrete Solutions

2016315-MS-D3 is a high early strength, silica fume enhanced, pre-packaged shotcrete material for dry process applications. This product is a pre-

Embrittlement of fiber-reinforced shotcrete

Embrittlement of fiber-reinforced shotcreteUCS 28 days, psi (MPa) 6902 (42) 8412 (58) 8267 (57) 6527 (45) 4206 (29) 6962 (48)E.S. Bernard


shotcrete type material, the development of an application technique, and the000 psi range could easily be obtained with most of the strength gain

Where Are We Now with Sprayed Concrete Lining in Tunnels?

the so-called sealing layer of 75 mm(3 in.)on membrane interfaces to be 2 MPa (290 psi).em>shotcrete.​org/​media/​Archive

Hydration of a silica fume blended low-alkali shotcrete cement

PSI- GEMS thermodynamic database (Hummel et al.(C0.83SH1.3) endmember used in the cemdata07a silica fume blended low-alkali shotcrete cement

ArmourGuard KING Shotcrete Solutions

2016315-ArmourGuard is a specially formulated, high-performance, steel fiber-reinforced shotcrete mix designed to provide superior impact and abrasi

5444r_88 Design Consideration for SFRC

3.4-Shear in slabs 3.5-Shotcrete 3.6-Cavitation2.8-Abrasion/cavitation/erosion resistance 2.9-the range of 800 to 1100 psi (5.5 to 7.5

Study of some parameters affecting the measured flexural

Batch 3 ..generally used only for fiber reinforced shotcrete. resistance to impact and abrasion, shrinkage,

Cementitious compositions

hose and failing to completely mix with the shotcrete, the average application of shotcrete 3,071 psi (21.17 Mpa) 7 daysThe result of

Application of the Convergence-Confinement method of tunnel

three different support systems: /) shotcrete or 150 80 - 100 The ranges of admissible stressays(K_psi-1)/(K_psi+l)+2/(K_psi+l)*xi_

Chemical Activation for Cement Setting

shotcrete are that the initial and final set (0.345 MPa) and 500 psi (3.45 MPa) should Neat cement 13 h 38 min  NA 150 Regularly

Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete in the Australian Underground

shotcrete cover of less than 145 psi (1 MPa) systems.3 Death and injury from rock falls have(100 to 150 mm), and at least 0.5 lb/ft3

Strength of Shotcrete in a Tunnel-Lining Project

Figure 3 shows the compressive strength development at 28 days for Stage Ipsi (35 MPa), which means that 97% (551/566) of the shotcrete cores


Shotcrete =olemen Certiication Committee3# psi @ 6#; MPa F 6 days and 6$$$ psi @- As 2683-2000 Hose and Hose Assemblies for

Applying Shotcrete 3500 Psi Concrete Vs Pond Liners

Applying Shotcrete 3500 Psi Concrete Vs Pond Liners - Applying Shotcrete 3500 Psi Concrete Vs Pond Liners Applying Shotcrete- 3500 psi- Concrete vs Pond

concrete with wet-mix shotcrete system in tunneling

performance fiber-reinforced concrete with wet-mix shotcrete system in After 2 days, material strength showed 7,200 psi, however, vertical

MS-D1 ST KING Shotcrete Solutions

2016315-MS-D1 ST is a silica fume enhanced, steel fiber reinforced, pre-packaged shotcrete material for dry-process applications. This product is a

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