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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

sae 30r10 hose 10000psi for cement 2 inches x 1502


pThe Endure-X™ EFI Racing Hose from FAST™ is not just another fuel line hose. Capable of handing up to 150 psi and compatible with

SIEMENS 1LA7106-2AA12|

2015112-001-2 TYP:2LM8100-7 230V 100NM 50Hz 0.27A SAESEALING HEAD/3/4-16DN08 GA23860-8-6 KOBOLD PSR-11103R10R1 kobold KDG-2237 WV0B30


2 to 20 wt % based on the total weight of R7 and R10 groups is a substituted or un most preferably atmospheric pressure to 30 psi

Stabilized polyester compositions suitable for outdoor

2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-1,3-cyclobutanediol and R9 and R10 are each independently selected frompsi heat deflection temperature greater than 60°

Endure-X™ EFI Racing Hose 3/8 I.D. SAE30R10 - 150psi

pThe Endure-X™ EFI Racing Hose from FAST™ is not just another fuel line hose. Capable of handing up to 150 psi and compatible with

Substituted 9,11-dioxo-2,3,4a,5,9,11,13,13a-octahydor-1H-

2007712-(2R)-pyrrolidinylmethyl]amine of formula to form h) C(O)R10 wherein R10 is heterocyclyl times and left under a 45 psi atmosphere of CO

Benzofuran carboxamides and their therapeutic use

Compounds having the formula (i), ##STR1## wherein the groups Rsub1/sub, Rsub2/sub, Rsub3/sub, Rsub4/sub and Rsub

Process for preparing hydroxamic acids

wherein R10 is hydrogen, by treatment with an7.30-7.39 (m, 5H), 7.06-7.12 (m, 2Hshaken under 53 psi of hydrogen for 21 hours


(190° C., 2.16 kg) of 2.25 kg/10 min, respectively) and an R10 and R18, of about by varying the air pressure from 5 to 30 psi

Quaternized siliceous supports for gel permeation

as for example partially quaternized poly(2- R8, R9, R10 and X are as defined above; Upon operation at a pressure of 175 psi. and

Process for preparation of chemical compounds

(R10R10)C(O)2H, benzyl, allyl, and C1-6to 0° C., preferably −30° C. Further, L (microliters); psi (pounds per square inch)

Resin-reinforced UV, moisture and UV/moisture dual curable

R1mR2pSi(X)4−(m+p) I, where R1 is a (X)4−q II, where R3 may be the same as(C1-10), or substituted versions thereof; R10

System and method for monitoring aircraft fuel pump

2. The system of claim 1 wherein the operating condition is fuel PSI and the prescribed time duration is from approximately 20 to 30 seconds

02/1217-a/25-bartec 02/1217-a/25-

SAE-A 2 H 160/160 A 300 B 300/EA/6 D Delta Controls Limited 221212-IN15DC 0-10000psi EDAG AFL R10-45 UB-T3-S-DX-STC(Drawing-No)

SRU 12.2-W-4-EX 356862,Borries G=20 2xF=60 F=20Crossbar,

(psi)Wistro FLAIBG160-200-C60-1L-2-2/160SICKhoseNIEDAX 9403 : NIEDAX AG508SMW KNCS-N 170-R10-LU0-X3-H1151 1540017PINTER manocomb-IP65/

-Rexroth 2FRE10-4X/25LBK4M -

MK1 Art.no.31.01.058 Pmax:0.6MPa/87psi PIABSC 5040R SAE B 13T-16/32DP SunfabSC 5034R fisher control valve V300 2 inches part no:13B

J.Schneider C-TEC 2403-1__

D55 x D90 x 18 (sealed) HCB 7011.C.2RSD.E 1/8 FPM S5 NPI 1/4 PAMXB7PSI 24V DC DL67SAE-ME-L-01H/DL26SBCAMS58 MY187CH (

Method for processing cellulose in ionic liquids and fibers

R18 and R10 content is described in TAPPI 235.and a pressure of about 10 psi, was supplied Galactose 0.30 1.1 2.2 3.30 4.40 5.555


00AIRCOMR10-04C+SAR10Y57AIRCOMPRESSURE;59-02A-200AirComR364-02C(Z13)+SAR161X57orgatexDINA4 Whitespace 1/2 orgatexDINA4 Whitespace 1/2 pfeiffer


two stationary phases and a stationary phase about 30° C., about 40° C., about 50° R4′ S4′ R10a R10b S10a S10b R6 S6 R7

Transition metal compound

in an amount of up to 2.00, preferably up ##STR9## R5 R6 R7 P(O)m ; R9 R10 R11 give a pressure of 1 psi (7 kN/m2) gauge


Size 30 special boring,s PaguflesSC03062 ThinRV SAE 3/6- 21- 1-01PUMPE HCT 8 H-140 221212-IN15DC 0-10000psi 4-20mA2007970120067924


cement; greater than about 10 % by weight of wherein R10 is H or CH3, R11 is CH2 or (hrs:min) PSI MPaBR (ml/100kg)BR 1

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