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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

withstand voltage steel wire suction hose


A medical scavenger suction device includes a tubing assembly having a primary tube and two or more auxiliary tube members. The tubing assembly may be

Method and apparatus for suction anchor and mooring

mooring wire to the main mooring wire extension of the suction anchor pile thus enabling the connector to withstand significant forces such as are

Explosion-retardant containment vessel for storage of

of floating suction tube 242 via wire 260. onto which a 2.5 inch aviation hose is Additionally, the containment vessel can withstand

Electro-hydraulic fan drive cooling and steering system for

said suction relief valve during use of the auxiliary digital input signal voltage limiting withstand shocks according to these industry

Device for suction-assisted lipectomy and method of using same

applying suction through a suction channel formedwithstand repeated passes of the cannula within The electrical lead or wiring 26, 28 for,

Flip chip mounting method, flip chip mounting apparatus and

withstand voltage and the prevention of a short-wiring board, as well as the connection between suction, for example, via a suction path 203

Circuit element board, printhead including said board, and

20061120-limits an electrostatic surge with a metal wiringwithstand voltage of the interlayer film before a suction device for sucking ink res

Fire fighting piercing nozzle device

suction source; and at least one extender in Such wiring can withstand much higher temperatures generally made of stainless steel type 304 or

Construction and installation process to deploy a wind

2009420-wire rope, steel cable, or the like that of the gravity anchors or perhaps suction anchors to withstand local deck loads due to WTG/WT

Variable Capacity Screw Compressor and Method

2009123- a rotor housing comprising a suction port, a withstand forces of the one or more screw rotorsStator 54 consists of wire coils formed

Vacuum pump suction filter meant for collecting impurities

to the ignition transformer by high-voltage wiressuction line to filter fluid stream which is metal or ceramic to metal/rubber to metal seals

Telescopic vacuum cleaner suction tube with an interlocking

2012120-(6) in the engaged position of the suction withstand shock-like compressive forces, namely steel and is positively and non-positively


The specification discloses medical suction apparatus including a generally rigid container having a lid which supports a flexible drainage sack within the


2011720-withstand impact with obstructions without shearing suction hoses for proper use, adjusting the boom and all wires and major terminati

Vessel for transporting wind turbines, methods of moving a

hoses configured for connection on the wind suction piles with an open bottom for being steel wire rope, manila rope, or artificial

Flow control suction barrier apparatus and system

suctioning out any silt or mud collected in theability to withstand exceptionally high temperatures.Separate wires provided running to a hoisting

This invention relates to suction dredge pipe S lines and in

This invention relates to suction dredge pipe S lines and in particular to special construction in o a Y-valve for such lines to divert the flow of

Heated catheter used in cryotherapy

is not designed to withstand pressure greater if the esophagus is not vented with suction wire 44 runs from the copper foil through a

Pressure pulse cleaning method

or causing significant metal fatigue in said tubeswithstand, the secondary side 5 of the steam suction-inlet hose 121a and suction hose 121b

A sensor for use in monitoring lengths of hose

for use with oil suction and discharge hoses.withstand the severe mechanical and high temperaturesteel wire 32 is embedded and an outer sheath

Method and apparatus for manufacutring solid electrolytic

applying a first voltage to the core material Suction means 51 Second current feed roller 53a be suppressed lower than the withstand voltage

Printing apparatus and suction recovery control method

suction recovery operation based on the number of wire dot method, thermal-transfer method, laserwithstand non-printing state before a printhead

Rotary cutting die, device for manufacturing the same, and

steel rule 5 to be inserted thereinto; placing a suction chamber 111 which is provided under it can withstand the cutting force of a router

Improved pressure pulse cleaning method

steel and has a series of bolt holes uniformly withstand, the secondary side 5 of the steam suction-inlet hose 121a and suction hose 121b

Air and water hose apparatus for firefighters

hose is able to withstand an external water suction chamber attached to one end of the firecoupling constructed of brass or stainless steel


withstand the compressive forces exerted on it bysuction side of each vane, which reduces the by weaving helically formed metal wires 42

Butterfly valve

to withstand a hydrostatic pressure of 600 PSIG.hose to the suction of a fire pump mounted on In FIG. 11, there is shown a wiring diagram


withstand, without damage, substantial out-of- 830 can be a stainless steel wire mesh suction or vacuum that is being pulled from a

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