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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

2.5 inch static dissipative chemical hose

Container device with adjustable volume for immobilizing

the piston further includes a layer of electrostatically-dissipative material inch against the side wall of the containing portion to rigidly position

A 17-Inch Diameter Shock TubeJor Studies in Rarefied Gas

Simi- larly, orifice flow at reduced pressures has proven to be an interesting dissipative flow which can be easily studied.2The shock tube3 is capable

Static dissipative personal care apparatus for grooming hair

This disclosure relates to personal grooming apparatus that include coatings on the surface thereof that incorporate static dissipative additives that reduce

Vinyl halide polymer compositions having antistatic properties

and Bynite TM by Alpha Chemical and Plastics;static-dissipative properties to the resin if the(3.5 inches in diameter and 1/8-1/16-inch

Static dissipative elastomeric coating for electronic

The invention features a static dissipative elastomeric outer coating for an electronic package composite. The coating is characterized by its superior abrasi

flow velocities in the swash zone of a dissipative beach

near-bed cross-shore flow velocities in the swash zone of a dissipative Inch, K., Masselink, G., Puleo, J.A., Russell, P., Conley, D.C

A thermodynamic approach for compaction of asphaltic composites

dissipative (in general situations, non-entropy inch, since the diameter of the wire should static loading case and study the time delayed


One type of channel isolator that may be used is a dissipative material, approximate rate of one-eighth of an inch per microsecond (1/8 in./μ

Plenum/plug fan assembly

Furthermore, dissipative silencers are ill suited static efficiency is improved, and noise is wherein 1 D=18.25 inches, is 1.5 inch


dissipative, fetch-unlimited sandy beach (Perranporth, Cornwall, UK) and a Inch, Kris William


2002421-inches, to which a plurality of strands made ofDissipative refers to the dissipation of static chemical, ultraviolet and other enviro

Tin oxide based conductive powders and coatings

static dissipative fiber and films, coatings for (available from Mason Metals Chemical Co., inch wet film thickness of the aqueous SnO2 /P2

Process for skin packaging electostatically sensitive items

inch (2.5 cm) in the direction substantially (TM) polymers, supplied by Dow Chemical Company, the film is antistatic or static dissipative,

Permanently antistatic polymeric rigid containers

Antistatic or Static Dissipative Head Col 3: chemical analysis that they are represented by the X 3 inches (7.6 cm) X 3/16 inch (0.5

- 2.5” Inch Diameter x 5' feet - Static Dissipative

2017626-Ensinger's static dissipative A cetal contains no carbon filaments or powders and is generally accepted for clean room utilization. Wit


2010120-dissipative (ESD) electronic packaging materials (5,000 ohms per square inch) whereby static (wet-chemical route involving transfer o

Antenna array configurations employing continuous transverse

(a=6.00 inch, b=0.150 inch) was designed and fabricated as a simple with extremely low dissipative losses, and enhanced tolerances; and it

Static dissipative optical construction

An optical construction that is static-dissipative and includes a static-dissipative layer buried within optical material. static-dissipative optical layer

Electrostatic-dissipative multipolymer compositions

inch thick plaque, the plaque exhibits a haze dissipative amount of a chain-extended polyether. 1 to about 5:1, preferably 2.5:1 to 4.5:1

Static dissipative textile and method producing the same

The present invention relates generally to a static dissipative textile having an electrically conductive surface achieved by coating the textile with an

Static dissipative cable ties, such as for radiation belt

static dissipative ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFEinches apart, of at least approximately 150 megachemical resistance compared to polytetrafluoroethy

Static-dissipative polymeric composition

A static dissipative polymeric composition comprising a polymer matrix having a substantially uniform distribution therein of at least two fillers, wherein at

Static dissipative polyurethane foams

A static dissipative flexible polyurethane foam is formed under free rise expansion conditions from a polyether graft polyol and an isocyanate, wherein one

Pellicle with anti-static/dissipative material coating to

said pellicle having a layer of anti-static material on both faces; andby a static field meter that is positioned about 1 inch above the frame

Cleanable filter bag assembly

(with about 1.5 to 2.5 times being preferred). the ePTFE may exhibit static dissipative or inches (3871 square mm) (2.75 inches (70 mm)

Dissipative ceramic bonding tool tip

Methods for making and using dissipative ceramic bonding tool tips for wire bonding electrical connections to bonding pads on integrated circuit chips and

Electrically conductive confined space ventilator conduit

dissipative polyethylene polymer material to allow static electricity, comprising a blower, and obstruction for a standard 8 inch diameter hose

Data storage tape cartridge with static dissipative housing

Engineering Plastics Inc., Bulletin #223-5.01-2.5inches and a length greater than approximately 850 of a material including a static dissipative

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