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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

14 diameter api bop control hoses

Wireline entry sub

2004216-facing shoulder for sealing against an inner diameter of the string of pipeAssembly 196 may offer well control during operation. A BOP as


2009320- bored to the inner diameter of a pipe and s (BOPs), rotating control devices (RCDs, 14, and/or as it is rotated (e.g., using

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(in a zone where large diameter gas permeable lenses or soft lenses may Woods and Simpson Distribution of nasal angle at 15 mm 14 K-S d = 0

Eaton Airflex107727C__

(ii) a rotating control head assembly; and ( API American Petroleum Institute BOP Blowout OD Outer diameter PMCD Pressurized mud cap

Apparatus and method for connecting fluid lines

E21B34/14; E21B34/10; E21B33/038; E21B33/ FIG. 2 shows the BOP control pod 100 in diameter region 316 of the passage 312 that

Oil Well Improvement System - Well Monitor Control Subsystem

control interface subsystem to provide the means The prior art ‘blowout prevender’ (BOP) isItem 84 is the smaller diameter upper pipe

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20141213-, but also Ram and Annular Type BOP’s. 14.594” F-2 – 8.469” 10.344” –– Long Piston with a length to diameter ratio


201412-control assembly (PCA), and having a passage A lower of the BOP flanges may be connected to46 via flexible conduits, such as hoses 41a

Metal-to-metal sealing arrangement for control line and

a control line assembly comprising: a main working underneath suspended BOP stacks, is diameter of tubing hanger body, seal surface is

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(Hons) MSafetySc and Barbara M Junghans BOptomdiameter, pieces of map were cut and where maps14 and the orienteer would be dependent on

Shuttle valve

diameter receivable within the widened body bore 14. The valve of claim 13 in which at leastBOP ram control from a low flow supply source

\DELTA PLUS HA060/501060__

No. 14/214,122, which claims, under 35 U.S making small diameter bores; oil field BOP stack for use as, conversion into,

Dual-BOP and common riser system

14. The method of claim 12, wherein the Prevention Component to control pressure in a wellBOPs generally come with a pressure rating

BOP operating system with quick dump valve

the reduced diameter flow restrictor, and to reduce the incidence of BOP control hose collapse14 as identified by the flow arrow to the

API RP 14B (1994)_

API RP 14B (1994)Date of Issue: June 1996 The bean size must be small enough in diameter -WIRELINE LUBRICATOR SECTIONS BLEED VALVE BOP

Risk assessment of surface vs subsea blowout preventers (bops

diameter drilling riser to control the well and 14.3 3.9 0.5 0.2 100-year 112 85 48 14API BOP C CODAM DPS DW FTA GOM H HP HSE

Riser set-aside system

to insert large diameter drilling bits or tools rests on the sea floor 14 and supports frame BOP control and hydraulic lines so that BOP

Spool for pressure containment used in rigless well

and operating the flow control mechanism, as required, to contain fluid diameter substantially the same size as the central bore 32 of the BOP 22

of BOP stack to facilitate use of a rotating control device

with variable inside diameter 1975-10-28 LeRouax 14. An alignment system, comprising: at least s (BOPs), rotating control devices (RCDs,

Riser method and apparatus

The riser system includes a small diameter riser that can be disconnected from the subsea BOP/wellhead assembly to obtain access to the wellbore for large


diameter of said throughbore, said first piston s apparatus and methods for replacing a BOP with a plurality of flow control systems for

Controlling cable spooling systems

hose or umbilical connection toward a BOP stackcontrol unit receives user input and transmits Spool 60 may have a diameter between about 30

Monobore completion/intervention riser system

BOP, where wireline and/or coiled tubing deployedhoses and electrical cables which transfer diameter annulus vent line connected to the

Subsea connection apparatus

diameter tubing hanger which is arranged and BOP stack, said tubing spool profile defining a they were to be comprised of flexible hoses

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