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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

lay flat irrigation rotary vibrator hose in oil drilling


vibrator is performed additionally, a spectral flat rigid base and to one another, each and gas deposits proves to be erroneously laid


A vibrator yoke assembly (Y) for drill stems is moveably mounted on a drilling rig (R). A guide rail (10) is mounted to a support section (22)

Flat linear vibration motor

vibrator unit to move along the vibration direction; wherein the flat linear vibration motor further includes a ring driving coil received in the

Rotary Vibrator/Drilling Hose, Choke Kill Hose, BOP Hose,

Rotary Vibrator/Drilling Hose, Choke Kill Hose, BOP Hose, Fracking Hose(TPU Layflat Hose), Composi,Hebei Jingbo Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd. -

Vibrator for subjecting an object to vibration

Apparatus is disclosed for subjecting a test object to a vibration test. A preferred embodiment of the apparatus uses a flat coil assembly with an

Piezoelectric pump and piezoelectric vibrator

There is provided a piezoelectric pump including a piezoelectric vibrator formed by stacking a piezoelectric body on at least one of the front and rear

Method and system for loading tablets into containers

(i.e. the tablets are generally lying flat, one on top of another with vibration from vibrator located inside housing 34, gravity and the shape

Discharge device

Document 2] Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open vibrator is inserted into a frame, and fixed toflat (original) state by the expansion


2003819- a rotatable vibrator mounted on said screen; a rotary driving element on with flat sides transverse to the longitudinal axis of the sha


hose having first and second ends, an innermost The rotary drilling hose is subject to further FSL 1: Rotary, vibrator and jumper hoses—

reed, piezoelectric vibration reed, piezoelectric vibrator

2006920- and are formed so as to be flat at both ends thereof and have the According to the piezoelectric vibrator 50 of this embodiment, since

Therapeutic vibrator for correcting erectile dysfunction

The vibrator includes a selectively powered vibrating casing, on which an arch is mounted, the combination of the arch with the casing forming a closed

with steel face and hollow shaft - has integral vibrator

with a horizontal flat middle section (1a) and two downwards projecting The eccentric shaft (16) of the vibrator (16,17) has a common oil


200833-Embodiments of the present invention provide a quartz vibrator and a method for manufacturing the same. The quartz vibrator includes a quart

Servo-control system for an unbalanced rotor vibrator

vibrator, the system further comprising: a first it is also known to use a rotary actuator (flat) rotors or flyweights extending substantially

Tool for exodontia

A dental tool is provided for extracting a tooth which is secured to an alveolar bone through a pericementum. The tool includes an elongate, flat and

Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric vibrator

2006420-Accordingly, in general, the base substrate wafer is placed on a flat In the piezoelectric vibrator and the method of manufacturing the

Subsurface drip irrigation installer

20111020-“Vibratory Plow for Drip Irrigation,” filed on discloses a slit trenching and cable laying 8″ wide and 1.25″ thick and a vibrator


the upper surface of the plate 15 may be 45 perfectly flat and still 6. In a vibrator for treating the human body, the combination of: a

Device capable of suction-adhering to surface of object and

hose 616 connected to four places of the fluid flat plates 634 of steel welded to their head, such as the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator 651,


BALANCED VIBRATOR WITH FLAT SPRINGSBalanced vibrator with two oscillating masses (M1, M2), where the one consists of a machine or an apparatus, i.e

Cushion pad for hand vibrators

Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a vibrator showing the application enlarged flat heads on the button members embedded in the pad for

Three axis seismic vibrator

A three-axis seismic vibrator is provided which imparts compressional and shear wave seismic vibrations, either sequentially or simultaneously, into the Earth


2010420-1 to 5, a piezoelectric vibrator 1 according to the present embodiment is and is formed to have flat opposite ends and approximately the

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